Attorney Joseph Guzzardo represents Penbrook, PA woman in lawsuit against police officers who violated her fourth amendment righ


A Penbrook woman who answered her door wearing only a bath towel is suing the township’s police department for kicking in her door and injuring her—all without a signed warrant from a judge, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses the three officers of violating Malseed’s fourth amendment rights against warrantless search and seizure, and argued there was no evidence of circumstances that could grant an exception to rules against warrantless searches.

On a broader scale, the lawsuit accuses Penbrook Borough Police Department’s policies of violating the Fourth Amendment. According to the lawsuit, Penbrook policy permits and encourages searches of homes without warrants based on potential domestic violence incidents because it is common for domestic abuse victims to refuse entry to police in domestic violence situations.

“Malseed was an unarmed, naked teenager who was outnumbered by officers by a margin of three to one. Officer Tritt had no reason to believe she posed a threat to him or others,” the lawsuit said.

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